European Continence Centre – The Giant Mountains

The Continence Centre in the Giant Mountains in Karpacz is the first and so far the only centre in Poland for conservative multimodal treatment and therapy of the patients with urological diseases.

“From diet to cystoscopy: a multimodal return to life”

In our rehabilitation activity we are focused on patients with urinary incontinence and with consequences of urological cancers.
Moreover, we offer treatments for patients with chronic recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent kidney stone disease and prostate diseases.

The most important diagnostic equipment of the centre include i.a.:

  • A specially designed diet ( “Vital & Continence”)
  • Sonography/Ultrasound
  • Clinical-chemical laboratory
  • Urine bacteriology
  • Flexible, ultramodern and painless cystoscopy
  • The Andros Project – the innovative training programme for patients with urinary incontinence
  • Pelvic floor exercises / continence training
  • ECG, blood pressure measurement

Our treatment goals:

  • Improvement and continence + prevention
  • Improvement of physical performance
  • Psychosocial counselling and support
  • Counselling and diagnosis for sexual dysfunction

The Continence Centre in the Giant Mountains in Karpacz provides:

  • An atmosphere and a service level of an upscale hotel.
  • Here is possible both a stationary and outpatient treatment.

We provide the interdisciplinary, highly qualified team under medical supervision of Dr. Andreas Przybyla, DM, Consultant Urologist, and doctorate from the University of Göttingen. Your chief physician would be happy to help in all matters relating to the admission and examination: the certified medical consultation office of the German Continence Society


Dr. med. Andreas Przybyla, MD, PD

The Andros Project

Andrology has been (finally!) devoted more attention in recent years. It was emphasized that men’s health involves much more than just urology and andrology.

Men’s health is just interdisciplinary and covers both the physical, psychological and social level.

The intensification of men’s health research (e.g. by two German men’s health reports – in 2010 and 2013, the campaign “Healthy in Bavaria – Men’s Health”, the Lichtenberger Men's Health Report - Berlin, the men’s health reports of the health insurance – BKK, Barmer GEK) have shown that the male-specific prevention and therapeutic services must be better adapted to the needs of men.

The health promoting offers for men should be more interesting and more male-oriented while contributing to the strengthening of the male self-consciousness.
Today’s economic and structural remodelling of the health systems causes a shortage of supply in the topic of the “men medicine”. This makes the whole situation of men not simple.


For a few years, I have been dealing with the topic of “men's health” as a young urologist in my rehab clinic. The most men-oriented health initiatives are currently offered by only two or three organizations in Germany – “Men’s Health Foundation”, “German Society for Man and Health” and “CMI – Men’s Health”.  In order to develop the men’s health, the men medicine should evolve and establish. New perspectives are here to develop.

Ad rem.

The most common urological diseases of men (organic, mental or age-related) includes erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.  In my daily work, I have observed that normal pelvic floor exercises for men appear unattractive. Men find the more targeted “pelvic floor potency training” even “unmanly” and “good for women”…

I have been thinking a lot about how to improve health, health promotion and acceptance of men.
“Not the men are contrary to prevention when they do not accept offers, but the offers are not group-targeted” (Men's Health Report 2013)

That’s why I developed a project – “The Andros© Project”.

I managed to make the entire “potency and continence training” possible on a single device so that the health-promoting programme is simple and largely can be perceived as “manly”.

With a little pride, I introduce you my ANDROS© PROJECT.

Yours faithfully